Friday, July 4, 2008

Sometimes Lazy is Good

We celebrated the Fourth our own way - we were lazy. Originally we had planned to do some site seeing in Nashville. That was before we found the forecast to be almost a guarantee of rain. We hung out at the hotel but didn't attempt the pool again. Around noon we did go cruising for lunch. We walked past a Greek restaurant yesterday and had plans to go there today. They were closed for the Fourth. So we went to a grocery store that had a Red Box rental to get movies. While at the grocery, we picked up a few snacks and drinks then noticed they had a good deli so we ate at the grocery store. Do we know how to live or what? After an afternoon of watching movies, we ordered Papa John's Pizza for delivery and covered our bikes for the evening. Nashville has fireworks for the Fourth and our hotel sits on a large hill that overlooks the city. We are hoping to be able to see some of the fireworks if we can stay up late enough.

One bit of good news is I finally heard from the Bed & Breakfast we have scheduled for tomorrow night. I'm glad; I hate changing perfectly good plans.

ADDENDUM: We just came in from watching fireworks from the front lawn of our hotel. Just as I expected, the height of this hill and position south of the city gave us a good vantage point for the fireworks. We were treated to a panorama of explosions not only from the north but the east and northeast as well. It seems everyone around had a display and we could see them all. We spent about an hour outside and got a few bug bites but David and I agree, it was probably the most fireworks we have ever seen in one place.