Monday, July 7, 2008

Natchez Mississippi

This evening we are in Natchez Mississippi. We rode the 444 mile length of the Natchez Trace Parkway except for those two small detours the first day. It was very beautiful, scenic, and educational. All along the Trace the people we met all seemed to think that their portion of the Trace was the most beautiful. I liked that. My only complaint is because we were on motorcycles and could not constantly refer to a map, the "Historical Site in 1/2 mile" signs were not a lot of help. We didn't know what the site was going to be until we were right up on it. Even only going 50 miles per hour, you can't make the turn by the time you see the sign.

On our way to Natchez today we stopped in Raymond MS, a little town south of Jackson, for gas. We asked for a place for lunch and were directed to "Potter's Kitchen on the Square." We each got the special - our choice of meat (fried chicken or casserole), three sides, drinks, bread, and dessert. We didn't even ask how much because it sounded so good. It was. It was real down home cooking; everything flavored just right. They even topped off our cooler with ice. Our tab for the lunch was just at $20. I also told them I would write a good review for them.

Our hotel in Natchez is a Country Inn & Suites, right downtown, right on the Mississippi River. I requested a river view room, of course. It is a suite, separate sitting room from the king bed and very large bathroom. We took a swim shortly after arriving. The pool is outside and small but a very pleasant temperature. I really don't think I will have any complaints about this place when it comes time to post my reviews.

Tonight we went out for a short walk to a BBQ place and then a walk along the river back to the hotel. Tomorrow we plan to do a little more exploring in Natchez and have already staked out more restaurants than we have meals left here!