Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Listen to the rhythm of the pouring rain, pitter patter pitter patter"

Today after breakfast in our shack in Clarksdale, we checked out of the Shack Up Inn. Bill gave us lavish parting gifts to remember our visit - as if we could forget!

Since rain was not forecast, we didn't start out with any rain gear for ourselves or our bags. About forty miles into our trip, dark clouds started to concern us so when we gassed up, we put the protective rain covers on our t-bags. Most of the day was overcast so it wasn't too hot for riding and we actually enjoyed the scenic country side around Oxford Mississippi and then on into southern Tennessee on our way to Jackson Tennessee. After a mediocre lunch we headed to our hotel in Paris. Just outside of Jackson, we felt the first couple of rain drops so we pulled into a gas station for cover under the canopy and suited up. In full rain gear, we continued on to Paris. By now the rain was constant and sometimes heavy. Occasionally we would pull into another gas station to wait out the very heavy rain. One gas station was in McKenzie Tennessee and was a full service station. The two owners (brothers) came out to service our vehicles and we told them we were taking advantage of the canopy. They stood and talked to us until we were ready to drive on. Apparently this part of Tennessee has been experiencing a drought. Once again, we go on vacation and end a drought. We think we should be paid to take vacations to drought areas. We could be the next "Rain Makers."

A ride from Jackson to Paris should have taken an hour. With stops and driving slow, it took us two hours.

Tonight we have a very nice Hampton Inn. The outdoor pool is very large and a reasonable temperature. We swam after a pizza from the parlor next door. The pizza is advertised as "Chicago Style" and lives up to its claim. We haven't had pizza this good since we moved away from Danville.

Tomorrow we head for Kentucky and will stay in Central City - home of the Everly Brothers.

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